Bolt invests up to 20.000 Euro per startup in return for a small equity stake of the company. The Bolt startup program is an English-speaking 12 weeks acceleration program that will require you to move to the Málaga area during this time .

Our goal is to help you accelerate your startup from a prototype stage with possibly no customer or revenues, to a stage where you have the right product for the right customers and you know how to make money. At that final stage, your startup is ready to grow and scale globally, either organically (bootstrapping) or by raising money from investors. If you choose to raise money, we will help introduce you to potential investors, and most importantly we will help you build your pitch & presentation and close the investment deals.

Bolt is born with the mission to enable early global scaling of startups, by helping catalyse the entrepreneurial ecosystem and empowering the next generation of geek entrepreneurs.

Our acceleration program does not exist in a vacuum, and we consider an essential part of our work to build networks to connect our program and our startups to the world of investors, corporations, other entrepreneurial programs, media and academic & public institutions.

We are a collaborative company and are constantly seeking partnerships, even with our competitors.

In our investments, we offer entrepreneur friendly terms: no veto rights over strategic decisions, no preferential rights on next rounds, or board seats. We believe in the independence of the startups we support, and we don’t oblige anybody to take our advice.

We are an independent investment company run by a multidisciplinary team, which brings in-depth experience in tech entrepreneurial, venture capital, operational business, technical development and strategy consulting within technology-driven markets. We consider this wide set of experiences essential for the success of Bolt and our startups in the global market.

Seed stage is usually considered a “valley of death” due to the level of chaos that surrounds this early phase of company development. We help you maximise your chances of becoming a global startup by avoiding these expensive mistakes and opening up our network of contacts to you.

Our panel of 100+ world-class mentors will be your guide through this trip, while the partners of Bolt will help you make sense of all the data you will receive during the program. Our mentors are highly experienced world entrepreneurs that have taken this road before, and have successfully landed their companies into the global arena.

Our team and our mentors have experience in the fields of  Smart Cities, eHealth, Clean Tech, Media, Fintech, Agrotech and Education

Our partners and mentors have experience operating Venture Capital funds, so we know what is required for successfully getting funded. We will also help on closing your potential next round of financing, by helping you put the pitch together and giving you access to investors that are relevant to your business.

The Bolt mentoring program takes place during 12 weeks, twice per year. The process before, during and after the program is as follows.




We invest in startups with the right team and the right product and business idea. These are our criteria.

Team Criteria

  1. A team means at least two co-founders with full dedication
  2. At least one of the co-founders is a developer, and knows how to build the product
  3. Fully determined and passionate about what you are doing. You will need it.
  4. 100% committed to making it happen, everything else is secondary. 
  5. Ready to listen, iterate and learn. Be open minded. At the same time, resilient.
  6. Highly focused on solutions and getting things done.

Product and Business Criteria

  1. You have at least a prototype or mock-up of your product, on which you have already worked. Something to show us.
  2. Technology-based business on Smart Cities, eHealth, Clean Tech, Media, Fintech, Agrotech and Education. 
  3. A business opportunity with a big global potential and high scalability.
  4. Your solution solves a problem or a clear customer need.
  5. Novel idea with the potential to disrupt the global market.

You can apply online by clicking on Apply Now and answering the questions in the application form. We accept applications from all over the world. The startups are selected based on the criteria described above by the partners and a mentor panel of Bolt.



Once the teams are selected, and the terms of the partnership are agreed upon, we are all set to start the program. We consider our work with the startups a partnership, and as such the terms shall be transparent and clear. This is what we offer, and what we ask from you.

What we offer

  1. Seed investment up to a maximum of 20.000 euros per team.
  2. 3 months free coworking space at the Bolt location (could be extended).
  3. A service package from our sponsors and partners (Microsoft, Paypal, Amazon, FIware, etc.). 
  4. A global mentorship-driven program, motor of our program, with events and training pills.
  5. Access to international investors at the Bolt Investor Week.

What we ask for* (*conditions/requirements may vary over the batches)

  1. Bolt takes 3% of your startup equity for the acceleration program (If you are not satisfied we will return half of it). Optionally, we will invest 10K Euro for another 3% depending on  your performance and metrics. Our investors will co-invest with same conditions as Bolt (3% for 10K Euro).
  2. Your 100% commitment to take your business to the next stage. Total focus and availability.
  3. You remain open to the input of your mentors, we will help you make sense of all the data your receive.
  4. You launch a minimum viable product (beta) as soon as possible.
  5. At least, one co-founder is expected to work from our coworking space during the duration of the program. Co-founder means having at least 20% of the equity of the company. 



Bolt is a global mentorship-driven program that takes place during 12 weeks at our location. We bring together the most accomplished entrepreneurs, investors and corporate experts from all over the world to help your company become a successful startup and expand globally.



The 100+ mentors panel will help you refine your business model and product, introduce you to early customers and partners and raise capital from investors. The whole program is designed around the mentoring to enable your startup to think globally from day 1 and help build quick momentum that will make you unstoppable.

During the program, we will also make offsite events where we will provide essential training pills and special crash-mentoring sessions, as well as informal events to help build the community.

The program ends with the Investor Week where investment professionals are invited to meet your team and get your pitches.



After the program ends, we will support your startup and work with you in order to assure you will get financed. We are aware that getting funded in Europe will require a bit more time than what it does in the USA. We think the option to prolong your stay with us will increase your chances of getting funded.

Spain, and particularly Andalusia has amazing conditions if you want to raise equity free (soft loan type) of funds through JEREMIE funds.

During this period, you will have access to most of the services you enjoyed during the program except the intense mentoring program itself. We have built a strong alumni network & community around Bolt. After your stay in the program you will become part of this network.

Once the startups are selected, and the conditions of the partnership are agreed upon:

Our offer

Up to €20k in equity or SAFE contract

12 weeks mentorship program

Loads of perks (valued over hundreds of thousands of Euro)

18+ months of help to raise capital or get financed

Coworking space

* criteria may vary during different batches

a)  3% equity of your startup. Satisfaction guaranteed! If you are not happy we will reimbursed half of it.

b) reserve 3% for Euro 10K coming from our own investment fund (optional for us depending on performance and commitment)

c) reserve additional 3% for coinvestment with our Business Angel Network in equal conditions to us


Have you decided to become part of Bolt Accelerator? Join us!