UNBOXING.wiki: right hand to online shoppers

Shopping online has become one of the most popular ways of buying products. The benefits are many in terms of price, distance barriers, time limits, home delivery etc. However any online shopper stands in great disadvantage once the product is delivered. Online shoppers buy blindly, trusting a photograph the brand or company your buying off, provides. If the product disappoints the shopper, usually making a complaint never takes place, cause the process is usually too complex.

This website fuses the shopper’s experience of unboxing a product and a social shopping video network. Videos of shoppers unboxing their delivered products help back-to-back other online shoppers  choose better products without false advertising. The videos provide the first hand impressions of multiple products to show the real version, not the advertised version.

The apps also offers a channel for video makers, to promote their content , themselves and a way to earn money within an unboxing community.

UNBOXING.wiki is the dream website for online shoppers. Let UNBOXING.wiki help you; you can return the favor by uploading a video unboxing any product bought online.

Vistit: http://www.unboxing.wiki/