Turkish Airlines helping connect investors & entrepreneurs

Get an investor's attention! Pitch them thousand feet in the sky!

Have you heard of Turkish Airlines new ‘alliance’ with entrepreneurs? they’ve launched their newest high-flying business venture, giving entrepreneurs the chance to reach investors in the sky. 

Its a new way for any startup or entrepreneur to reach a specific ‘venture’ target and pitch them while they’re mid-flight. Turkish Airlines facilitates venture passengers to meet any startup from their on-board seat.

Next month, Invest On Board partners with eTohum, a program focused on introducing new entrepreneurs to the international market place, 11 startup ideas fly along with Turkish Airlines. Using the in-flight interactive and touch-screen entertainment system, investor will also be able to browse pitches to find the next great business idea. Startups and ideas streamed in-flight areupdated monthly. 

Turkish airlines is offering a new space stress-free, in which the investors are more relaxed, not in busy office atmosphere. 

Startups and entrepreneurs from all around the world can access the service and apply online at InvestOnBoard.com. They can reach busy investors, a target very hard to reach within any business industry. There is no selection process, the manager of InvestOnBoard Ahmed Tuna says “Everyone is welcome, from any type of company; from software to hardware, to financial and social.” Videos are offered in both english and turkish language and are presented to all  passengers regardless their ticket type. After all investors don't always fly business class.

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