Human behaviour: the KEY to Tinder’s success!

Your startup must feel human

Learning what made Tinder such a successful app in the market is simple. It imitates society’s behaviour, in a real and human way. For example, any one who walks into a bar looks around the faces of people in the bar and say to themselves: “No, yes, yes, no, yes, no, no, yes.” The people looking back at them are doing the same thing. This social human behaviour is translated into  Tinder app’s networking. 

In real life there is that awkward discovery process, in which each party figures out if they feel the same way. Tinder is a 'fast track’, a shortcut of real life. It takes what we do anyway, but makes it happen faster and on the couch, instead of at the bar. What tinder doesn’t do, is expect the user to behave any differently.