The Urban Bicycle of the 21st Century

All of us are urban users and most of us are also bike users, but not all of us use bikes as a form of transport in our day-to-day lives.  We have tried to use bikes  in our own lives, and I’m sure many of you have done the same, and we have decided to pose the question; why don’t we use bikes in our day-to-day lives?

The responses that we have discovered are wide and varied. Think about it!  A bike is easy to rob. When it’s hot you can’t use it to go to work, no one wants to get hot, tired and sweaty on the way in! You can’t get your bike into a secure place easily, the office, home, the lift etc.  Foldable bikes can help with this but often the folding mechanism is difficult and slow to use.  Ultimately, many of us don’t have the balance or feel secure enough to cycle safely amongst the traffic found in our cities; many users want this stability and sense of safety.

We love bikes, as vehicles they are environmentally friendly and emission free, quite cheap to maintain with no high maintenance costs, no insurance or drivers license is needed and in addition you can use them on various road types: cycle paths, conventional roads and pavements too (providing you’re careful!)

It is due to the above that the Urban M team has made it their goal to create the ideal vehicle for urban users of the city, including in this advanced concepts for the new Smart Cities. 

The principal characteristics of the Urban M bike – the bike of the 21st Century are:

The Urban M bike is intelligent, as it incorporates a small computer with sensors, which allow us to use a series of functions such as the anti – theft system or the intelligent paths and routes functions.

The anti-theft system will send notifications to the users mobile if anybody moves or touches the bike whilst it is parked up. In the case of the robbery of the bike, this function allows us to stop, track and block the motor in real time through the users phone or the website.

The intelligent paths and routes option allows the user to have various profiles set up such as shortest route, easiest route, fastest route, route with the best air quality, route with the lowest temperature or the most efficient route taking into consideration all of the variables.  The Urban M bike includes data sensors and intelligent control for optimal cycling and of course, it is connected to all of the common social networks. 

Electric and foldable. It has an electrically assisted motor, which allows the user to cycle without too much effort and regulate the amount of exercise they complete.  For example, the ability to get to work without tiring or getting sweaty. The folding system is quick and easy, in just 3 seconds it is folded using one simple movement. When folded the bicycle turns into a trolley allowing transport without the user bearing any weight. You can take it with you in the lift, house or into work without any difficulty. 

It has 2 front wheels to allow for easy balance.  This improves the stability and safety of the vehicle allowing for an overall improved user experience. The 2 front wheels make cycling around the city fun allowing you to take your child, rucksack, laptop or packages with you. 

Urban M is yours! We personalise it to meet with your needs and requirements. The simple configuration system found on our website will help you to find the perfect model for you.

Urban M uses an e-distribution system, with personalised customer service and attention to detail; we provide a 2-year guarantee with standard repairs, replacements and accessories. We manufacture and sell Urban M directly to the end user allowing us to offer competitive pricing strategies. 

When a cyclists uses an Urban M bike, they are not only helping to support the environment by lowering traffic jams and pollution but they are also helping their local community thanks to the data generated and collected by their Urban M bike as they cycle. The sensors allow for example, the detection and correction of areas of high traffic or noise pollution or any other environmental abnormality, which is recorded and used in real time. Users also help themselves, by doing exercise, and why not do your exercise with an exclusive urban touch, using an Urban M bike.