Opening the doors to doctor video consults and second opinions around the world

Think about how many times you go to a doctor with common symptoms, and receive a common diagnose. And how many times your gut makes you doubt on what the doctor diagnosed, or on the meds they prescribed you. Or think about the times you loved to have a short conversation with a doctor but you were out of your home place, in a business travel or just you didn’t had time to go to the doctor’s place.

You may not know were to go or how to find an specialised doctor in order to check out the things that the first doctor told you.

DoctorGlobally is an online platform assisting patients to contact medical specialists around the world to get a second opinion or video consult them. It integrates all online medical services available for patients globally. The app offers from getting a second opinion, to making doctor appointments or video consult with medical specialists. DoctorGlobally being a trouble-free way to ease your mind after one of those common consult, with common diagnoses.

The medical sector is rapidly growing in the web, but the lack physical contact between, both, patients and doctors, plus unprotected communications are delaying this stride. DoctorGlobally reduces this gap making available videoconference service and increasing security regulations, above the legal standards. This feature personifies the online consult.

The expense of getting a second opinion and an answer within a maximum of 3 day span is €47. The patient chooses a doctor and requests a second opinion. The doctor would have 24hrs to accept or deny the request, followed by 3 days to answer back with the second opinion. If the patient wants a videoconference with a doctor the fee is €40 for 15 minutes. Making appointments through the platform is free for both the doctor and patient. 

DoctorGlobally is the easiest platform for patients in the need of expert opinions. This online platform brings down any distance barriers interfering with correct diagnoses from being made.