Love & business in the air

Bolt hosted yesterday's TECHspeedDATING event. We created an environment loaded with ideas forced together to collide. This dating style event, invited entrepreneurs and startups to ‘hook up’,  getting to know each other and  finding ways to collaborate.There’s something oddly human about sitting across the table from someone, in just 7 seconds, you make a first impression. You’ve gotta move quick. 

Who knows what you’ll learn dating? It might just lead to an idea that makes your business a fortune. 

Yesterday’s event was orientated  to all technology startups, developers and entrepreneurs here in Málaga. All of the startups in our 4th acceleration programme participated, as well as others from past programs. Developers come looking for free-lance job opportunities or join as partners other startups. 

Bolt will continue to host this type of events throughout the year, the aftermath was booming.  Such as meaningful meetings with potential partners, clients or providers where made. A face-to-face experience boosted making ‘real’ and solid business relations. 

Moving fast-foward comes ’the second date’, just as important as the first. Once everyone has met all potential  partners, clients or providers, and decided who is compatible with each other , you can move forward and re-connect with them. Don’t miss any opportunity to strengthen your connections, remember new relations are not solid yet.