Eyes on Europe: Salesforce designates $100M to invest in Cloud startups

Salesforce Venture, is known for being mayor investors in the cloud-service sector. They’ve boosted 150 cloud startups with aprox. half billion dollars. Most of this investments are focused on US, however Salesforce is looking to expand to Europe. Of all startups boosted by Salesforce only 17 are European. The group recently announced that has earmarked $100 million to invest specifically in European startups.

Salesforce is choosing to expand because it’s the right time to do so. “Europe is adopting the cloud very rapidly, and the opportunities are immense for us with an enormous pipeline for us to invest in.” -John Somorjai, Salesforce’s EVP of Corporate Development.

Analysts have determined that European investment in cloud-based services will grow 12x faster than other tech segments. These are relatively modest beginnings. Salesforce’s venture growth there follows in the vein of other big tech giants like Google also ramping up their venture activity in Europe.

One motivation for venture firms coming to Europe, be they corporate or independent, is that the startup scene in this part of the world is relatively smaller and less overheated than that of Silicon Valley. This means potentially less competition from other venture firms.
Read more about it: http://www.businesscloudnews.com/2015/10/13/salesforce-offers-100m-vc-opportunity-to-european-cloud-startups/