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SaferChild is a mobile app that works using Smart Locators (beacons) to locate your child or family members indoors and outdoors. SaferChild is the app, as well as the hardware device. 
The device is a small, a white sensor filled component that is shaped much like a computer mouse. It can easily be mounted to most surface with sticky-strips. 

Parents receive a notification instantly when the location sensor is activated. Alarms can be programmed to alert parents incase the child’smobile activates a beacon they shouldn’t or whether the child does not activate a beacon at a place where they should be. 

Unlike wearable technology, you place the SaferChild device wherever you want a checkpoint. This app is specifically for parental control.

For example, in the daily basis, a parent might mount a device in lockers at any extracurricular activity, another one at home. This way the parents know where there child is, or where he is not (and should be).

The device work using the child’s phone and Bluetooth. Through the free mobile app the system any parent can track his child making sure he gets from point A to point B.

SaferChild App

SaferChild comes with free access to either iOS or Android app. The app can customize event notifications. The user (parent) can ask to be notified for all events.

The app can also track a child’s route using the GPS map feature. Other features the app include are schedule locations, see previous check-ins, make a call, arm or disarm parent alerts, and get a quick status update.

How to Get It

SaferChild plans to launch on Indiegogo this Fall. Access early bird discounts and incentives signing up on !  Sign up for peace-of-mind!