What is a doctor doing at Bolt?: "Sanidad Productiva"

Today we had a great surprise when Ana Mª García Macías visited us. She is an Internal Medical Resident at the Merced Hospital in Osuna.  She is one of the medical professionals who is collaborating with "Sanidad Productiva", one of our more promising startups.  In the next few weeks, we will present each accelerated startup in more detail.

The idea for "Sanidad Productiva" was originally conceived as part of a university student’s final degree project and was ultimately awarded with several entrepreneurial prizes. The project aspires to revolutionize medical procedures in health care, allowing for the storage a patient’s medical history in the cloud.  Cloud storage would allow any medical professional treating the patient—in the public or in the private sector—to have real time access that history in a digital format, anywhere in the country.

This service would be useful to doctors if, for example, a man injured in a severe traffic accident was brought to a hospital and was too incapacitated to explain his amoxicillin allergy to his doctors.

Simply by knowing his name, medical professionals will be able to access his entire medical history.  They will be able to see if, for example, he is allergic to amoxicillin or has any pre-existing medical conditions.   This will allow doctors to have a full view of the patient’s overall health, so that patients aren’t further injured by treatment decisions that would have been avoided if the patient’s medical history had been known.

In collaboration with Ana María, "Sanidad Productiva" will be conducting the second pillar of technological entrepreneurship: Customer Development.  This is necessary to learn the needs of potential customers and develop a useful product for them.  As a future user of the application, she makes suggestions and tests the product’s features, along with other healthcare professionals.  She is very involved with the project because she feels it is necessary an upgrade in health care, reducing waiting times, improving diagnostics, and providing mobility while increasing collaboration between medical professionals.

We are hopeful that the prototype will be developed quickly, as several investors have expressed interest in the process.