If you're eating out have a NiceOne!

We have all gone out to dinner or lunch, and we have all been, atlas once, unhappy clients; long waits, mixed orders, mean waiters, etc. NiceOne app is revolutionizing the restaurant/bar hospitality industry. Offering a premium and personalized experience to customers: access on-demand to promotions in nearby places, new standards of service with personalized welcoming and personalized suggestions based on customer's historical purchases and personal preferences. But also improving the relationship restaurants have with their clients.

However this app works best for restaurant/bar owners looking to optimise internal corporate management and communication, such as order status or inventory management system. 

It also enhances communication and interaction with their customers. Clients know before hand the promotions and deals at every restaurant/bar subscribed to Niceone; improves the customer’s pre-exeperience with the restaurant/bar. When the customer is in te restaurant/bar, the order can be made through the app, avoiding long waits and order mistakes; upgrades the in-store experience. To top it all off, the customer receives a thank-you-note after leaving with a Loyalty Program code they can insert in their phone to get access to a reward in their next visit. this is a fidelizaotion strategy assuring a satisfied costumer’spost-experience.