Bolt INVESTOR Week 2015! Malaga 1-10 december

We invite investors any day on the first ten days of December to our INVESTOR Wk2015. The event is located in Málaga, sun city. Come a few days to feel the warmest winter and meet with founders of uprising startups. Be the first to discover hidden tech disruptions , be the one to fuel them to success. Pick-a-day

This multiple-day event will gather a wide range of investors from seed capital to Business Angles to venture capital. Startups in the program will have the opportunity to give a 10 minute long investor pitch, highlighting traction in their startup. We know about the different investors’ needs – deal flow, fundraising, meeting with limited partners, etc. Investors can listen to the 12 startups in this Fall’s program and then choose the ones they are interested in, for a second stage. 

In this second stage Startups can be asked further questions, or they can try to seal-the-deal with investor showing future projections or specific numeric figures. Come and listen what entrepreneurs from around the world have to say. 

JOIN US! Pick-a-day from the calendar and save-the-date!