ICT2015 Biggest tech event for entrepreneurs & startups

The ICT2015 is the biggest tech event in Europe and was hosted in Lisbon these past 20-22 of October. Bolt was here to pitch in. More than 6,000 ICT enthusiast participated, showcasing over 150 different projects. The event was held at the Lisbon Congress Centre.

The event was developed from Tuesday to Thursday, it featured a range of debates as well as disclosing the latest news about the European Commission’s new policies regarding ICT. A Startup and Innovation Forum was organised to The forum intended to generate an exchange of knowledge and experience about networking actions, useful for conference attendees. Women and entrepreneurship was one of the main subjects in the sessions, EU entrepreneurship hubs were also discussed; such as iHub.eu which gathers 24 strong european accelerators. Joining any of these accelerators broadens the access to finance through networking. 

 EnterNext, which was part of the Startup and Innovation Forum, brought a range of leaders to speak openly about start-ups and financing sources, specificities of tech companies. Some of the speakers where: Francisco Veloso, Dean, Lisbon Catholic University; Gonçalo Fernandes, SmartEquity; Luís Quaresma, Oxy Capital; Robin Slakhorst, Symbid and Michel Pingeot, Ecoslops.