Follow Chatter

FollowChatter is a new social network combining all contemporary sharing features!

The desire for a new social platform where you can make an impact from sharing what you love is erupting at an alarming rate. Follow Chatter is a cutting edge addition to the contemporary social networking options by adding in a Kickstarter fund raising atmosphere. They offer several features like interactive live streaming, donating capabilities, audio sharing, and several more that are based around the standard media feed.

Their slogan summaries the nature of what they are accomplishing - “Kickstart your passion,” the company was originally based solely on an audio version of a news feed but has pivoted several times from the fires of the startup grind. If you think of all of the social platforms available, communication does occur, but as some would say, “it comes at you like water out of a fire house.” With Follow Chatter you gain the next level of connection with your friends, fans, and family members while also being able to fund your passion. 

Follow Chatter aims to give the user a platform to stand on. Users have a studio to sing their talents, a canvas to show their art, a cinema to feature their films, an auditorium to showcase their words, and pages to display their writings all on the innovative app Follow Chatter. This platform personifies all of the greatest passions of the users and puts them in place where they can be broadcasted to the world.

One of their most standalone features in this social network is the “play all” button. This allows you to stream your media feed to a bluetooth speaker or through headphones hands-free. This feature will allow millions of drivers who habitually check social networks while driving to stream their media feed through their car speakers while still keeping both hands on the steering wheel. The user can easily swipe across the screen to jump to the next chirp in their media feed and comment on chirps with their own audio message. Users also have the option to import their Twitter news feed and have it read to them in addition to their already existing Follow Chatter content in the media feed.  

Like any social platform a new set of vocabulary is unveiled to make your experience even more unique. Twitter, for example, introduced new words and concepts such as ‘hashtags’ or ‘RT’/‘retweets’. Follow Chatter, has inspired:

-‘Voice tagging’ to tag people based on their audio remarks.

-‘Chirp’ any post that the user makes - audio, video, pictures and/or text.

-‘Chirpcast’ a user’s personal interactive live stream – audio or video.

-‘Chatter feed’ similar to a newsfeed - a conglomeration of chirps in chronological order from the accounts that the user follows.

-‘Listeners’ equivalent to Twitter's followers, people who choose to listen to you.

The lack of personal connection and careless disregard of uniqueness is being redesigned and resolved on the Follow Chatter platform. Social media is broken right now, with the coloring in lines approach that constricts the users and has them stay within the normal posting capabilities, but it doesn’t have to stay broken. Join the movement in late October, take back social media and truly “Kickstart your passion.”