Create your nubbler and open the networking doors!

Today we are going to talk about nubbler, a pioneering project that pretends to change the world of business relationships. To this end a platform has been created, which collects the user´s information and keeps it always updated in the cloud, always updated, so that anyone can have access to them. This disruptive app attempts to put an end to the tedious visiting-cards by offering true information, and avoiding the usual problems with the traditional method. New business relationships are called Nubbler!

Every nubbler has a label, assigned by the user, with the form “&mylabel”, and an associated QR code. Every nubbler can be located either by writing its label in our search tool or by reading its QR code. In addition, they can also be found through general searches in the search tool.

The result of the planning and work can be found in the first version of the totally functional website  , as well as the iOS and Android apps, available in their respective app stores in 6 languages.

After launching the first version, nubbler is working right now on the many features that it will offer very soon. The target is to make a complete product out of the app, more attractive and functional in order to allow them to increase the number of users. 

Immersed in the Lean Startup methodology, nubbler has pivoted its business model and is working on a new line that will allow them to get more diffusion and revolutionize, in an easy and efficient way, the exchange of contact information worldwide. 

Create your own nubbler!