#boltreads: Purple Cow- Seth Godin

[ Recommended by Morten Poulsen ]

The purple cow is about being remarkable (and how this is essential to make your business prosper). Godin explains all the whys and hows of being remarkable, supported by real life examples and case studies that helps understanding his point of view. 

The book has a very simple structure, but an effective one; short but powerful. The autor introduces the reader into the current state of marketing. The book argues that in this modern times the amount of information we receive daily is immense and there is certain lack of attention driven by the bombing of advertising. 

The book also talks about the death of an era, mass media targeting a all consumers at once with a unique message. Professionals who follow this strategies are simply milking their company’s profit and are at risk of a “Purple Cow” entering and disrupting their market.
Building a purple cow is only one part of the process. Marketers need to retarget their interaction with consumers. The efforts need to be focused on early-adopters of the brand or product.