Biggest market opportunities for startups in 2016!

There are many industries growing rapidly and will make a big impact in 2016. A generation ago, the idea of receiving news through an implanted microchip sounded like a fantasy. Technology is now its inevitable. Although implantable technologies may still be a few years away, several other futuristic technologies have already arrived.

Virtual Reality

At the Sundance Film Festival, big developments and news emerged. Many new perspective and low-cost options, like Google’s cardboard headset or phone options like Samsung’s Gear VR, broaden access to virtual reality media experiences to a wider audience. What once where sci-fi fantasies products, these already exist.


An opportunity flying through the air, literally. Drones are set to change construction, agriculture, logistics, health, consumer, and numerous other sectors. There has been recent regulations from FAA regarding commercial use of drones
People have used drones to inspect factory farms,
Monitor police abuse during protests
Journalistic endeavors - independent users creating incredible, sweeping shots, bringing viewers to new heights.
These new rules will see an estimated 7,000-plus businesses obtain drone permits (next three years). The FAA has engaged with media community via university research to test the possibilities. Some startups are even making them autonomous.


This hot new consumer technologies are changing the way users are obtaining news and, as a result, the way we produce it.

The Apple Watch is the most recognizable, but is far from the first wearable technology to be out.  Wearable are challenging producers to supply info in a tiny space, just as Twitter limited social media users to 140 characters. Beyond watches or wristbands, wearables measure human vitals, synthesizing information, and giving us access to world of information from our wrists.

The hottest industries for startups in 2016 will be in one of these 3 categories!