Life.Film making video editing possible to anyone

Recording special moments is one way to keep memories alive. However this recordings tend to have a raw look, and don't really transmit how that moment felt.  Most of us don't have a clue what to do with the recordings and don't even consider editing.

This automated on-line video montage service helps people unfamiliar with video editing create hollywood-effect films. Makes video editing possible to anyone. Opening the door to formats (videos)  that can only be accessed if you have certain degree of knowledge/skills in specific programmes.
Life.Film converts any video archive into living personal memories. This user friendly platform enhances any recordings to be kept as tangible memories.

The film is ready in aprox. 10-30 minutes. The platform encourages the user to share as many films/memories of daily basis or specific events as posible. Having in the end an online collection of multiple memories. Life.Filmhas also a download option.