Easbit: Makes Bitcoins Easy for Everybody

Bitcoin the currency of the future, more commonly described as the first digital currency.

Bitcoin is a payment system invented 2009 and the first Bitcoin Transaction was in 2010. It enables anyone to make direct transactions with others, without the need of intermediaries. No one needs a bank account, and money transfers are almost instant. It’s utilisation and potentials are endless. It's unique set of features can make Bitcoin a game changer in the world finance sector.

Bitcoin is growing by the day. More and more people are embracing the virtual currency,and using it for their everyday purchase.

Easbit is a innovative company that developed a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet App for Android. Our App makes it easy to send and receive Bitcoins in safe way, we don't keep your Bitcoins on storage, our Bitcoin address is not complicated and we use 100% reusable energy.

Easbit has a dream,and this dream is making all financial transactions in the world cheaper about (70%) and faster (minutes). Also opening the doors to people that have no current access to the world financial system to be a part of it, and everybody be there own bank, because, do you still trust your bank?

Thats why, we at Easbit, wanna offer people a change for a great free experience.

If you download our Mobile Bitcoin Wallet App at Google Play Store it's free. Visit our website www.easbit.com . Everybody can get a Free Bitcoin. 

Just send us an email with an application and Easbit will give you the Bitcoin Experience.

Average global remittance fee: 8.14% per $200--- ($16.28)

Bitcoin transaction fee: ---(aprox.) $0.004

= Bitcoin is 4,070 times cheaper on an average $200 transaction.