Introducing our 4th accelerator program

We are proud to introduce Bolt’s 4th programme startups. Twelve projects have been selected from around the globe. They’ve been through a selection process in which only applicants with the right team and right product have been chosen. We appreciate anyone who applied and encourage you to re-apply in our next call. 

This 12 startups represent less than 1% of applications. Nine of the companies are european, followed by one from Venezuela, Russia and USA. 

 Bolt continues its commitment to funding exceptional, technology-focused startups.

Projects in this autumn programme revolve around the online healthcare industry, mobile transactions, a superior travelling  experience, online shopping safety, restaurant revolutionary service, playing for money, national products, infant locators, video editing and a social network for challenge lovers.

We are grateful with the 99 startups and +110 mentors for their constant valuable advice and support. Looking forward to seeing you in the 2016 programme.

1.Doctor Globally - Spain

This web assist patients to contact medical specialists around the world to get a second opinion. Its the first software integrating all online medical services available for patients globally. The app offers from getting a second opinion, to making doctor appointments  or video conference with medical specialists. 

Doctors have 24 hours to accept or reject a patients request, and a 3 day time limit to answer either with a second opinion or a future date for appointments/video conferences.


2.Easbit - UK

This startup’s project is about making Bitcoin easy for everyone. Bitcoin is a payment system invented 2008, its an open software that enables anyone to make direct  transactions with other without the need of an intermediary. Its more commonly described as the first digital currency. Easbit is a complimentary app to Bitcoin, that enhances a better user experience. Easbit offers an Easbit Mobile Bitcoin Wallet , including new features and an International Transaction system for larger transfers. 


3.FollowChatter - EEUU

Its an uprising social network offering live streaming features combining all the possible contemporary sharing abilities for users to share their passion. The project is based on the most expressive human trait: voice. Its design enables users to listen to their newsfeed hands-free The lack of a real connection in social networks would be solved with FollowChatter.

Users are followed by others based on these passions, interactions follows.


4.Unboxing-wiki - Lithuania

A website that fuses shopping and social interaction. This social shopping website contains the possibility to unbox videos that will help online shoppers choose better products without false advertising. The videos provide the first hand impressions of multiple products to show the real version, not the advertising version.


5.Prove Your Skillz - Malta

Its an online service allowing gamers to win money, virtual goods and other prices while playing their favourite video games. This startup protect is compared to Pokerstars, however ProveYourSkillz  opens the doors to a wide range of gamers around the world.


6.Satiu - Venezuela

An app that integrates and supports communication between the whole medicine community in Spain, from patients to health professionals, health centres and providers. 


7.FlyingBizz - Spain

This startup finds empty Business Class seats and offers them to passengers with Economy Class tickets. FlyBizz’s  online platform compares different airline’s empty seats and it’s different prices, also passengers will be able to book their Business Class seats.


8.NiceOne - Italy

Revolutionises the hospitality industry of restaurants, establishing new beautiful standards of communication and customer services. This app empowers the client and alleviates restaurant management. The clients are able to access the different promotional discounts of restaurants. They can order directly from the app eluding the wait  for a waitress to  bring a menu or take an order. 

slow service on busy nights


9.Made in Spain - Spain

This website groups the best Spanish gourmet products for easy access to any online customer. They also offer a distribution service for international markets. They work directly with suppliers and focus on national products with higher demands like wine, cheese, Iberian cold meats and olive oil.


10.SaferChild - Slovenia

A mobile app that uses Smart Locators (beacons) to locate your child indoors or outdoors. Parents receive a notification instantly upon location entry. Alarms can be programmed to alert parents incase the child’s  mobile activates a beacon they shouldn’t or whether the child does not activate a beacon at a place where they should be. 

This app is specifically for parental control.


11.Life.Film - Russia

An automated on-line video montage service for people unfamiliar with video editing. It converts any video archive into living personal memories. This user friendly platform enables anyone to enhance their recordings and keep their memories in a tangible way.


12.ChallengeHub - Ireland

The first reward and forfeit based social challenging platform with emphasis on social good, self improvement & most importantly, having fun. Users pick someone  to challenge, they set a reward and forfeit and assign a referee who is in charge of verifying the challenge has been completed or failed. 

Users who’ve either won or lost are encouraged to upload photos and videos including any rewards or forfeits.