Satiu: E-health network that interconnects patients+professionals+health centres

Satiu is an e-health networks that interconnects patients, health care professionals, centers and suppliers. It optimises the search and communication with health specialists out of physical reach. Are you a patient looking for a doctor or odontologist? a doctor looking for a wider market? a health centre or supplier wanting a higher social profile? Then, Satiu is for you.


Satiu is the online community for any person or institution interested in e-health. It enables sharing with each other, content such as articles, videos and infographics can be shared by the registered professionals. Patients can also make appointments and share their comments with the rest of the community. 

As well, Satiu allows you, as doctor, to be discovered. It offers all health professionals visibility in the e-health emerging industry. It opens the door to a wider market, one that is not limited by time and space barriers. Enables you to provide your service to the whole Satiu community. A constant trade of valuable information between health professionals and institutions. The service provided is specified in the profile of each profesional-user. Therefore the patient can access an online medical ‘phonebook’.