Málaga welcomes new affordable and healthy alternative for public transportation called Dropbyke

Dropbyke, one of the tech startups of Bolt Accelerator’s 5th edition, is now launched in Málaga city. Dropbyke, founded by Alexander Shvetsov, Laurynas Zavadskis and Sergey Petrov, is a European dockless bike sharing project which is started in Lithuania in 2014. As Málaga is creating more opportunities for biking, Dropbyke is stepping in to serve the demand.

Bolt Accelerator is part of the Ayuntamiento de Málaga, and in addition part of the initiative of the Smart city of Malaga. As partner in this project, Bolt Accelerator and its startups like Dropbyke help make the city of Málaga an even better place to live. Ayuntamiento de Málaga and Bolt have been collaborating since 2013 when Bolt moved to Málaga to improve the ecosystem and add a global impact. Since the start, 111 startups coming from 30 countries and four continents have successfully enjoyed the program.


Rafa Aguado, CEO of Bolt Accelerator: “We are happy to welcome good initiatives coming to Málaga. Dropbyke shows that such projects can appear and stay here, what makes it an attractive place for innovation and technology. For Bolt it is great to support and host Dropbyke. It is important for us that they choose Málaga as a place to grow as a market with potential. It proves that our startup ecosystem is growing and maturing”.  

Dropbyke wants to touch upon very important parts of Málaga society – infrastructure, sustainable transportation and healthy lifestyle. All of these elements meet in the bikes offered by Dropbyke. The project’s mission is to create sustainable public biking solution which will be flexible and affordable at the same time, and will be able to meet needs of communities of any size - from small resorts and university campuses to large megapolises. It is not just for tourists wanting to get around town easily, but also for the local community that want an affordable alternative for public transportation. For example, Dropbyke’s monthly subscription is already cheaper than a monthly description for the bus. Imagine what kind of impact this will have on the society of Málaga if everyone starts taking the bike. Think about a healthy lifestyle, but also about avoiding more air pollution. Last but not least, Málaga is great place for biking due to the constant great weather.

Furthermore, Ayuntamiento is already investing  lot of money in biking infrastructure. Good to mention is that Dropbyke’s infrastructure is 20 times cheaper than existing bike-sharing technology, as we do not have a docking station. Ayuntamiento de Málaga is also building many bike roads to enable biking more to promote this kind of lifestyle. Dropbyke will help put more bikes on these bikeroads, in a sustainable way. By doing so, we are putting two initiatives hand in hand that will reinforce each other.

The project is already launched in many city across Europe (including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vilnius) and since October 2017 it is also available in Málaga. In the coming months we are planning to launch in few more locations in Andalusia.

Are you interested in more information about this bike sharing project? Check out this video and the website.

Want to try a Dropbyke? Find the bikes around town. You can leave the bikes anywhere around Málaga after you finish your ride. Check monthly subscriptions here by downloading the Dropbyke App (Android and iOS).

Innovation blends with talent at Sevilla

Innovation blends with talent at Sevilla

To wrap this year up Bolt Accelerator cooperates with Agenda de la empresa to organise   “Empresas innovadoras: un proyecto común por el talento sevillano.”  It will be celebrated on December 14th at 11:00 am, in the CREA building, Sevilla.  This 2015 has been key in the development and growth of internet, technology and its influence on entrepreneurship. There have been multiple international events to celebrate entrepreneurs and startups but Europe needs more local entrepreneurial focus.